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Dirigente e fibre ottiche

SeleTech was founded in the 2003 by a group of highly experienced electronics, informatics and telecommunications executives coming from some of the major companies in the north Italy area. It was built in the wake of a vision of current and future reality of the market for telecommunications engineering, which highlights:

  • the need of the telecommunications industry to outsource large sections of their research and development, focusing resources on the core business;
  • the difficulty for the thousands of small and medium companies wich characterize Italian industry to understand and appropriately take advantage of the new technologies that the telecommunications industry offers more and more rapidly.

SeleTech's mission is to offer:

  • to the manufacturing companies in the Electronics and Telecommunications industry, engineering services, rapid prototyping and industrialization of systems, devices and components in terms of hardware, software and firmware;
  • to service companies and system integrators, an effective service of strategic consulting, design of communication and computer solutions, able to present real competitive advantages to the customer and to strengthen its process of value creation.

The remarkable skills acquired by its founders in leader companies with valuable management roles, make SeleTech a company able to assist customers in the most critical processes of understanding technological scenarios and their implications on business.